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Getting Started With chemoWave

You’ve downloaded chemoWave App, now it’s time to create your free account and get started. Watch this quick tutorial to learn more about beginning your journey with chemoWave.


How To Setup & Track Medications

Add your ongoing medications to our Medication Tracker and schedule reminders to stay on top of your prescriptions, vitamins or medicines.

Maintaining an accurate record of your medication schedule and taking your meds on time puts you in control, and helps you see what could be related to the ups and downs you experience.


How To Track Activities & Experiences

Use the Quick Log to record and track all of your daily activities & experiences. Everything you log will be found in the Calendar Page, and you can edit the details of your log at anytime.

Tracking your activities and keeping a detailed journal has been found to improve health outcomes. The more you track in chemoWave, you’ll begin to see personal insights (within 7-10 days) which help you see what’s related to the ups & downs, so you can take control.

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